Under the auspices of the Project “Construction of Gājēju Street and the Eastern Latvia Regional Multi–functional Centre in Rēzekne’s Little–Developed Territories”, accessible pedestrian street infrastructure was established in the little-developed territories in the central part of the city, connecting the Eastern Latvia creative services centre “Zeimuļs” on Dārzu Street to the Eastern Latvia regional multi-functional centre – Latgale Embassy “Gors” on Pils Street.

During the course of the project, three bridges were built: two pedestrian and one traffic overpass spanning the River Rēzekne, which were built in three stages:

  • Stage I – Gājēju Street and a bridge along the stage from Atbrīvošanas Alley to Dārzu Street;
  • Stage II – Pils Street and a traffic bridge over the River Rēzekne;
  • Stage III – Gājēju Street and a bridge along the stage from Atbrīvošanas Alley to Festivāla Park.

Under the auspices of the project, both banks of the River Rēzekne were landscaped along the stage from Street to the bridge on Atbrīvošanas Alley, as well as from the bridge on Atbrīvošanas Alley to Festivāla Park. During the course of the construction works, low voltage cables, overhead lines and Lattelecom networks were redesigned. LED lighting, benches and rubbish urns, as well as tree lighting were installed along the entire length of the pedestrian street. The newly–built traffic bridge on Pils Street will provide access to the Eastern Latvia regional multi–functional centre – the Latgale Embassy “Gors”. The construction of Gājēju Street and territorial landscaping creates a convenient leisure and walking spot for Rēzekne’s residents and visitors to the city. Connection of these objects to the pedestrian street is a successful solution which should improve their accessibility and visitor numbers. The implementation of the project will facilitate the regional competitiveness of the City of Rēzekne, as well as its economic growth and overall appeal.


Completed works

during the course of construction works: construction of concrete, granite and paving brick surface: 5,500 m²;

construction of a sand base across an area spanning 3,600 m³, construction of a dolomite chip mixture base: 5,600 m², construction of a levelling layer made from fine chippings: 5,500 m²;

installation of concrete curbs: 1.3 km;

territorial landscaping and greenery work;

construction of two pedestrian bridges;

construction of a traffic overpass (bridge construction: monolith reinforced concrete frame, supported by 15m deep piles (depth: 820mm)).